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CDA Receives Award as Ivanti New Partner of the Year

"Ivanti partners throughout the Americas continue to play a vital…

Migrating from Heat Classic to Ivanti Service Manager - Part 1

Planning on moving from HEAT Classsic to Ivanti ISM? Until now there has not been a clear upgrade path for migrating from HEAT Classic to Ivanti Service Manager. Read part 1 of our latest series identifying the requirements to migrate from HEAT Classic to Ivanti ISM.

Increasing Visibility to Ivanti Application Control Events with Xtraction

Ivanti’s Application Control has great built-in auditing features that provide insight to actions controlled within Application Control. Although historical auditing is useful, sometimes it can become overwhelming and noisy.

Tips and Tricks When Using Ivanti Environment Manager’s “GeoSync”

Since we published our previous blog, GeoSync has certainly improved and, when implemented correctly, can do a great job keeping the Personalization database synchronized between multiple datacenters.

Automating Lab Buildouts with XenServer PowerShell - Part 4 Roles, Features, and Other Components

Creating an automated lab has its benefits, but what about the additional configuration of roles and features after all the servers are built? Building out all of these components can take some time, time that you may not have.

How to Create an MSI with SCCM Standalone Remote Control Viewer Components

While Microsoft has provided an excellent tool for full remote viewing and control, the administrative components are only provided by Microsoft as a part of the SCCM administrative console.

Automating Lab Builds with XenServer PowerShell – Part 3 Unlimited VM Creation

Once you have all the necessary files and have created a custom ISO to complete an unattended installation of Windows, the next step will be to automate the creation of VMs.

Creating Configured Deployment Packages with Ivanti Package Studio

This product is specifically designed to take the guesswork out of creating configured deployment packages by leveraging a collection of downloadable source software which has already been verified and reviewed by the software vendor.

Deploying Office 365 using SCCM

The deployment of Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc..) just became much easier. Beginning with SCCM version 1702, from the Office 365 Client Management dashboard, the Office 365 application Installer can be automated.

Automating Lab Builds with XenServer PowerShell – Part 2 Creating a Custom ISO

After reviewing and staging the required files and folders in Part 1, it’s time to start the custom ISO creation process. The custom ISO is just one part to the whole, but it is probably the most important.

Securing an Existing ADFS Environment with Okta MFA

Since the introduction of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) in 2015, companies have been widely adopting the idea of using this technology to leverage claims-based authentication...

Checking System Readiness for the Bromium Platform

The Bromium Platform has several hardware and software requirements to fully function on an endpoint. Since the Bromium Client itself does not check many of these requirements until after installation...

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