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Our goal is to help your organization operate at maximum efficiency, so we offer a wide variety of IT services to increase productivity and ultimately profitability. Integration, security, compliance, and automation are the four main areas we focus on as we work to create a customized solution to resolve your organization’s challenges. We specialize in IT solutions for the healthcare, financial services, professional services, energy, and retail industries.

We have practical experience getting the people, processes, and platforms of Enterprise IT organizations working together. Whatever you need to integrate, you can count on CDA to make it work.

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Attain and maintain compliance with strong methodology, clear RACI matrices, and the right platforms. CDA has experience in various industries from banking to healthcare to government.

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People remain the top cybersecurity risk for organizations. Train employees to spot attempts and prepare an appropriate response – identify, escalate, and remediate.

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Improve experience, increase visibility, and reduce cost of business with automated solutions. We develop custom solutions in-house and deliver cloud-based offerings on Google, Microsoft, and AWS.

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What Makes Us Different?

Our goal is to provide what you need, how you need it, when you need it, so we work with you and your team to determine what’s best for your organization. We provide custom solutions using proven methodologies based on many years of experience and ensure you’re in-the-know throughout the entire process.

Whether you’re looking for long-term support or help on a specific project, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

  • Experience

    We get it done when others cannot. Unlike other companies, our main focus is putting the pieces together. Whether that means configuring a Cisco Firepower environment or JIRA integration with Ivanti and ServiceNow, our team uses these tools, so we experience the challenges and wins firsthand.

  • Flexibility

    Every company's needs are unique, so how we work with each client is too. Looking to offload operations? Maybe you need a subject matter expert for a specific project? Helping you fill the gaps, whatever they may be, is our specialty.

  • Transparency

    Do you wish you had more visibility into your project? Aside from meticulous documentation and timely status updates, we record all client meetings for you to reference internally, whether for knowledge transfer or re-work.

  • Accountability

    Projects and needs evolve, so meeting expectations is more than just delivering on a statement of work. We keep clients aware of progress and identify meaningful checkpoints to discuss direction and ensure expectations are aligned.

How We Work

Critical Design is more than just your average IT consulting firm, we offer flexible methods of engagement to help us best fulfill your organization’s needs. Whether you need help with a specific project for a set length of time or are looking for on-going service management, we’ve got you covered. We even take it a step further and will help you find the right talent to staff your internal IT department.

Project-based Services

Do you have an IT challenge you need addressed? CDA’s subject matter experts consistently execute when others cannot and complete project deliverables on time and on budget.

Managed Services

Do you need more time to differentiate your business? If you’d like to offload some routine operations efforts, our experts can deliver fully customized services on an ongoing basis.

Staff Augmentation

Having trouble finding and retaining top talent? We can hire, train, and develop resources for you to help you fill the gaps in your organization, whether you need someone long-term or short-term.

Tell Us about your project

Find out how CDA can help you define your business requirements and create a custom solution to produce the quality results your organization needs.

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Automation is an efficient way to perform repeatable tasks, especially those we can incorporate into a DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Many of our customers have deployed both Cisco ASA and Cisco ISE appliances in production, so we built a solution to allow for automated mapping between username and IP address.

Here at CDA we love automation because it is an efficient way to perform mundane or repeatable tasks. In a previous blog article, I talked about automating the process of changing passwords on Cisco ASA devices using the REST API. In this article, I will discuss deploying the Cisco ASA REST API using automation via Ansible.

If you’re looking to gain more time for innovation, managing repeatable tasks with automation is incredibly efficient. Automating security-related tasks provides even more value than just efficiencies. It gives you an auditable workflow, which is especially valuable if you are regulated and audited regularly.