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Unleash Security Potential DevSecOps

SecOps and DevSecOps Automation

In this industry, many companies already know the value and…

Improve your Security, Compliance, and Performance

We love firewalls and we hate firewalls. We love the protection they provide but hate the level of scrutiny and administration required to keep them compliant. Firewalls are a critical part of any corporate IT environment.

Privileged Account Discovery Script: Reduce Privilege Escalation Attacks

After conducting research on managing privileged accounts, I could not find what I was looking for so I decided to write a custom script that helps reduce Privilege Escalation Attacks.

Optimizing Windows 10 Upgrades with Ivanti Endpoint Manager (EPM)

In a recent customer engagement, the client had requested to upgrade Windows 10 workstations within their environment using Ivanti Endpoint Manager (EPM.)

Using PowerShell to Deploy Ivanti UWM Agents

The Ivanti Management Center provides a simple interface to deploy Ivanti UWM agents and configurations. When installed, it exposes web services that are used by the Ivanti Management Center console to perform various functions.

Application Control for Enhanced Endpoint Security

Application Control has many key features but today I'd like to focus on trusted ownership which is based on the core of Microsoft NTFS security permissions. Simply stated trusted ownership is a feature that prohibits

Ivanti UWM Application Network Access Control (ANAC)

Today we’re going to go over Application Control Application Network Access Control or ANAC. Application Network Access Control or ANAC is part of the UWM suite from Ivanti and we’re going to present a very specific use case.

Using PowerShell and Ivanti UWM API for Machine Polling

I was working on a project where we built a complex Environment Manager config. It made sense to have this config start doing its magic on the workstation during the SCCM build Task sequence, but we didn’t want to have to maintain a config package in SCCM.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 7 - Using Xtraction for Enhanced Reporting

In this section we assume have installed Xtraction and would like to configure Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) in your Xtraction Application. The following workshop will detail the procedures you will need to follow to accomplish this goal.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 6 - Updating and Upgrading

In this portion of our workshop series, we assume your production environment is live and will be in need of changes to the configuration or upgrade to new software versions. We will detail the processes for updating or upgrading your Ivanti ISM environment.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 5 - Preparation for Going Live

This document outlines the recommended steps to prepare for go-live. The installation is much the same as the production installation but here we will enable the OPS Console. Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) is powered by HEAT, the most complete cloud-optimized ITSM solution available today.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 4 - Application Configuration and Testing

The intent of this blog is to provide detail on how to configure and test the Ivanti ISM platform after the initial installation is complete. The configuration process is the same for both SaaS and on-premise installations.

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