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Using PowerShell and Ivanti UWM API for Machine Polling

I was working on a project where we built a complex Environment Manager config. It made sense to have this config start doing its magic on the workstation during the SCCM build Task sequence, but we didn’t want to have to maintain a config package in SCCM.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 7 - Using Xtraction for Enhanced Reporting

In this section we assume have installed Xtraction and would like to configure Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) in your Xtraction Application. The following workshop will detail the procedures you will need to follow to accomplish this goal.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 6 - Updating and Upgrading

In this portion of our workshop series, we assume your production environment is live and will be in need of changes to the configuration or upgrade to new software versions. We will detail the processes for updating or upgrading your Ivanti ISM environment.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 5 - Preparation for Going Live

This document outlines the recommended steps to prepare for go-live. The installation is much the same as the production installation but here we will enable the OPS Console. Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) is powered by HEAT, the most complete cloud-optimized ITSM solution available today.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 4 - Application Configuration and Testing

The intent of this blog is to provide detail on how to configure and test the Ivanti ISM platform after the initial installation is complete. The configuration process is the same for both SaaS and on-premise installations.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 3 - Build Your On-Premise Production Installation

The overall installation of Ivanti ISM includes a production environment containing a production tenant and a development environment containing a staging and UAT tenant.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 2 - Design Considerations

The intent of this article is to outline the necessary design considerations relative to the implementation of ISM. The design phase is used for planning the deployment and developing a blueprint to build the environment.

Ivanti ISM Workshop Part 1 - Analysis and Requirements Gathering

The intent of this article is to outline the analysis and requirements gathering phase of an ISM Implementation. The Analysis and Requirements Gathering phase assures that the capabilities of ISM and the needs of the customer are fully explored and understood.

CDA Receives Award as Ivanti New Partner of the Year

Ivanti partners throughout the Americas continue to play a vital role in the growth of Ivanti's continued success and reach," said Reza Parsia, vice president, channel at Ivanti. "It's an honor to recognize this distinguished list of stand-out partners.

Migrating from Heat Classic to Ivanti Service Manager

Planning on moving from HEAT Classsic to Ivanti ISM? Until now there has not been a clear upgrade path for migrating from HEAT Classic to Ivanti Service Manager. Read part 1 of our latest series identifying the requirements to migrate from HEAT Classic to Ivanti ISM.

Increasing Visibility to Ivanti Application Control Events with Xtraction

Ivanti’s Application Control has great built-in auditing features that provide insight to actions controlled within Application Control. Although historical auditing is useful, sometimes it can become overwhelming and noisy.

Tips and Tricks When Using Ivanti Environment Manager’s “GeoSync”

Since we published our previous blog, GeoSync has certainly improved and, when implemented correctly, can do a great job keeping the Personalization database synchronized between multiple datacenters.

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