DevOps Services

Move faster, with high quality, and more automation.

Many companies see the value and need for DevOps, but struggle to find the talent or resources to implement. When they find the resources, attrition is often high due to market demand. CDA delivers DevOps services and develops top talent to attain, prove, and maintain your DevOps infrastructure. We focus on people, process, and platform to offer complete solutions or address specific gaps in your operations.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are designed to move fast. We can help your organization move faster, with higher quality and more automation and visibility.

We have helped many customers build and deploy a new CI/CD pipeline or bridge the gaps on mature pipelines. Automation and quality control are our specialties!

  • Team and Workflow Assessment: An effective workflow assessment involves evaluating your organization’s current state, leveraging that knowledge to design a future state processes for operational and financial goals. CDA can work with the line of business or product owners to determine if you have the right people, processes, and platforms in placed based on your requirements.
  • Business Process Analysis: We can help with evaluating your business processes and requirements to ensure compliance, higher performance, greater security, and faster time to market.
  • Designing Automated Workflows and Processes: CDA has a lot of experience with designing, building, testing, and deploying complex polyglot architecture enabled workflows.
  • Tool Assessment and Selection: We can help you evaluate new tools or demonstrate the tools necessary to help with your assessment of new technology or services integration.
  • Building Supporting Infrastructure and Services: CDA has enterprise experience with building sophisticated infrastructure for many Fortune 500 organizations.
  • Integrating New Services: If your company, line of business, or partners have new services that they would like to integrate into your CI/CD pipeline we can bridge the knowledge gap by developing the services (API) integration components.
  • Mentoring New Teams: If your team is just getting started with automation, services integration, or DevOps as a whole, we can work with your team to develop knowledge, continuity, and share best practices.
  • Agile Development: Looking to streamline your operation? CDA has supported numerous Agile development programs.
  • Full Stack Development: We are adept at supporting Full Stack Development efforts.
  • Software Development Lifecycle Management: Supporting SDLC programs for over twenty (20) years.
  • Release Management: If you are looking to offload the release management aspects of your platform or program, we can provide a complete set of integrated team members and supporting experience to ease the burden.

Staff Augmentation

Do you need qualified talent to fill resource gaps? Save time by having CDA find and develop top talent to fit your needs. We provide talent with a wide range of experience in these DevOps areas.

  • Release Management
  • Services Integration (REST API)
  • Maintaining and Administering CI/CD Systems (Cloud and On-Premise)

Consulting Services

Do you need a subject matter expert for a short-term to share best practices on change control or an outside organization to provide an assessment of your DevSecOps operations?
  • DevOps Assessment
  • Audit and Compliance Workflow
  • Strategic Planning for DevOps Infrastructure
  • Services/API Integration
  • DevSecOps or Security Automation
  • IT Services and Asset Management
  • Architect Workshop

Managed Services

Are you looking to outsource maintenance, processes, and functions to improve operations and minimize expenses? CDA delivers fully customized managed services with our staff of experts on an ongoing basis.

  • Application Packaging & Delivery
  • Endpoint and Patch Management
  • Provisioning

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