DevSecOps Services

Security integrated with your CI/CD pipeline.

Many companies see the value and need for DevSecOps, but struggle to find the talent or resources to implement. CDA delivers DevSecOps services and quickly develops top talent to attain, prove, and maintain custom security postures for our clients. We focus on people, process, and platform in order to offer a complete solution or address specific gaps in your security posture and operations.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are designed to move fast. Security is often necessary and typically an impediment to the agile strategy of the business. With DevSecOps, security is introduced into the CI/CD pipeline.

Some of the components we introduce to the pipeline include “tooling” to support:

  • Dependency Mapping: Reviewing the application code and all dependencies, whether proprietary or open sourced, for dependencies that may compromise your security.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Incorporating tools to review application code and dependencies against known vulnerabilities and security best practices.
  • Static Analysis: Using tools to perform static analysis of every line of code whether it is presented to the user or not. These tools also reach back into your application back-end environment to ensure that private data is protected.
  • Dynamic Analysis: Automating and integrating tools and processes into the CI/CD pipeline that mimic user activity and scan the code as it is, or as it would be presented, to the end user or services.
  • Interactive Analysis: Bringing together people and automation, user acceptance testing scripts and teams interact with the security stack to fortify the platform and generate combined security knowledge.

Staff Augmentation

Do you need qualified talent to fill resource gaps? Save time by having CDA find and develop top talent to fit your needs. We provide talent with a wide range of experience in these DevSecOps areas.

  • Automation
  • Patch Management
  • Monitoring and Testing Systems

Consulting Services

Do you need a subject matter expert for a short-term to share best practices on change control or an outside organization to provide an assessment of your DevSecOps operations?
  • DevSecOps Assessment
  • Strategic Planning for IT Infrastructure
  • Pentesting Remediation
  • IT Services and Asset Management
  • Architect Workshop

Managed Services

Are you looking to outsource maintenance, processes, and functions to improve operations and minimize expenses? CDA delivers fully customized managed services with our staff of experts on an ongoing basis.

  • Application Packaging & Delivery
  • Endpoint and Patch Management
  • Provisioning

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Are you interested in discovering how Critical Design Associates can help your company create and maintain custom security postures? Contact us to learn how our proven approach and tailored solutions have helped our clients increase the speed of delivery and recovery, reduce vulnerabilities, and improve overall security.

SecOps and DevSecOps Automation

We are always looking for a better way to validate security solutions for customers and help them realize where the gaps are in their existing security infrastructure. We focus on people, process, and platform in place to ensure all the security sensors and tooling are working as expected.