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Security Innovation Workshops

Security Innovation Workshops bring the technology to you! View vendor demos and ask questions while keeping your company and contact information private. Assemble your team and Critical Design Associates will arrange a series of demos, where you will maximize your time to evaluate best of breed and cutting edge technologies.

Security Innovation Workshops are available on request. Contact Todd Prokop for more information at tdprokop@criticaldesign.net.

What You’ll Learn

Critical Design Associates security innovation workshops can help you avoid being a statistic. With the evolving threat landscape, innovation is critical!

We are customer advocates; customers will always come before technology. This is your opportunity to learn, plan, and see what others are doing to change the game and create an advantage against their adversaries.

We will partner with you and create a customized workshop that includes technologies for your current projects and also areas that you’re considering. Please sign up below and we will contact you to coordinate a time to meet.

Areas of expertise include but aren’t limited to:


AI / Security Automation
App Dependency Mapping
App Security Validation
Application Isolation
Business Continuity and DR
Digital Forensics and Incident Response


E-mail Gateway
Endpoint Protection
Event Correlation
Multi-Factor Authentication


Passwordless Authentication
Simulated Breach and Attack
Single Sign-On
Social Engeering
Web App Firewalls
White Listing

Provide your contact info and our team will contact you to discuss options and availiblity.

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