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Ivanti UWM Health Check

Improve performance, security and end-user experience of your Ivanti UWM implementation with a CDA Ivanti UWM Health Check!

This 2-day engagement culminates with prioritized Key Findings around quick, easy wins you can implement immediately and long term architectural solutions for your digital workplace.

Why call CDA for your Ivanti UWM needs?

CDA has worked with Ivanti UWM (Formerly AppSense Desktop Now) since 1999. CDA has extensive experience delivering the full Ivanti product suite.

What is a “Health Check”?

CDA reviews and analyzes the configuration of the following components:

  • Ivanti UWM Infrastructure:
    • Management Server, Application Server, SQL Databases
    • Environment Manager
    • Application Control
    • Performance Manager
    • Agent Configuration and Deployment
    • Site Configuration

What is the value of a “Health Check”?

IT infrastructure updates, changing requirements and new business and use cases necessitate environment reviews to ensure compliance, security and the best end user experience. Value includes:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • User Experience
  • Best Practices
  • Operations
  • Upgrade Planning

What do you, the customer, get?

CDA empowers your IT team delivering a detailed document at project conclusion containing valuable information you likely don’t have time to capture:

  • Infrastructure Overview and Diagram
  • Detailed analysis and recommendations for server infrastructure
  • Detailed analysis of deployed components, i.e.:
    • Environment Manager Policy
    • Environment Manager Personalization
    • Application Control Policy
    • Performance Manager Policy
  • When applicable:
    • A detailed plan for upgrading from version X to version Y

Contact us to discuss further!

  • Ivanti New Partner of the Year 2019
  • Ivanti ESP (Expert Solution Provider)
  • 9 Ivanti UWM Certified Professionals on Staff
  • Consulting and Operations Experience (Managed Services)
  • Extensive Enterprise Application Deployment Experience
  • Deployed over 200,000 agents
  • Fortune 1000 Experience
  • Federal Government Experience and DoD/Cleared Facility
  • Extensive Citrix, VMWare and Desktop Management Experience


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