Advanced AI-Powered Network Security


Lastline offers AI cybersecurity solutions to improve network security and email security, with fewer resources and lower TCO than other security products.

Lastline DefenderTM delivers unmatched AI-powered network security. It enables your under-resourced security teams to respond faster and stop the most advanced threats from entering or operating within your network and causing business disruption.

Lastline Defender’s unique approach to applying AI to network security significantly improves your cyber resilience and reduces your cyber risk. It secures your enterprise across the entire attack chain: it protects network and systems from inbound threats by blocking known and unknown attacks, it detects threats operating inside your environment, and it drives automated response.

Our AI learns from both Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and malicious behaviors to eliminate false positives and deliver the highest fidelity insights possible into threats entering or operating within your network, including compromised personal devices and rogue IoT devices. This innovative approach to network security provides the critical context that other technologies lack.

The result is “AI Done Right.”

Your existing security team and security controls are more effective on day one with Lastline Defender. Its deterministic alerts eliminate false positives than other approaches and fewer generic alerts that require additional investigation. Your security team will finally have the confidence to automate many of your threat response workflows. This means better enterprise security with fewer resources.

Most AI-based network security products apply AI to network traffic only, without an understanding of malicious behaviors. This probabilistic approach leads to many false positives – after all, not all anomalies are the result of attacks. Applying AI techniques to network traffic will inevitably find anomalous patterns of behavior within the network traffic–that’s what AI is designed to do. It is virtually impossible for other AI-based tools to understand if the detected anomaly is malicious or benign. As a result, they offer low-fidelity, probabilistic alerts that require hours of investigation.

Lastline Defender

Security analysts can drill down into increasing detail on which breach methods were successful, and which were blocked by security controls. Security leaders and CISOs can use our executive dashboards to show organizational risks to boards, and track improvement over time.

Lastline Detonator

Deep Content Inspection™ environment evaluates these files for malicious content, and sends an advanced malware analysis back to those third-party security tools to update their detection capabilities.

Lastline Analyst

Lastline Analyst puts the combined expertise of our internationally recognized experts on advanced malware at your team’s fingertips.

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