Automating Policy Enforcement

Tufin Technologies

Tufin makes network security manageable by automating policy enforcement across large, complex environments.

For firewall administrators dealing with frequent change requests, the ability to automate tasks such as rule decommissioning and server decommissioning means there is more time to spend on business-critical security operations.

Tufin customers who automate rule decommissioning and server decommissioning see a significant improvement in performance and security and have confidence that their firewall rules are optimized, lowering their overall network risk.

Rule Decommissioning

Tufin provides the ability to automatically discover and decommission unused, forgotten and overly permissive rules and then provision changes accordingly.

  • How many manual changes does your group handle on a weekly basis?
  • Have you found many of these requests should never have been made?
  • How much time would you estimate your group spends manually processing routine requests?

Server Decommissioning

Tufin provides the ability to automate server decommissioning including all the associated rules and automatically provision the changes accordingly.

  • How often do you decommission or replace a server?
  • Is migration from one server to another a process that takes a long time?
  • When you decommission a server do you have full confidence that all the rules associated with that server have been reassigned or deleted?
  • Would the ability to immediately understand the implications of decommissioning a server and automate the entire process be of value to your organization?
  • Would the ability to know that you have not left obsolete rules unattended be of value to your organization?

Are You Struggling With Topology or USP setup?

You do not need to have USP or Topology fully set up to take advantage of Tufin firewall administration automation features. These automation features help set up the basis for topology and USP – would you be interested in a demonstration? Contact us to setup a no obligation demonstration.

Tufin is the only vendor who can provide end-to-end automation of firewall administration tasks allowing users to understand the potential implications of a change to the network and then provisioning the change.

Curious how Tufin could impact your environment?

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