Introducing a Set of Tools Designed to Make Security Admin Easier

3rd Party Patch Management

Its one thing to patch Windows on a regular basis but what about 3rd party apps like Java, Flash, Adobe, etc.?

Regular patching of your 3rd party apps is increasingly paramount and something all IT admins need to have on their radar.

Learn how ISeC makes 3rd party patching a breeze and allows admins to sleep at night.

Application Control

Does your environment include Legacy applications that can’t be patched? This is where Application Control shines which allow you to choose which users have access to specific apps.

View our recorded demo to see this process in action and get ideas on how this can be utilized in your environment.

Privilege Management

Limit admin privileges without limiting productivity. Easily define who can use specific consoles, applications, and commands for servers.

Combine dynamic whitelisting and privilege management to prevent unauthorized code execution without creating extensive lists manually and without constraining users.

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