Endpoint Management

Gaining access to the network, data, and applications delivered by your organization requires a proven and consistent practice for maintaining all of the endpoint devices (workstations, laptops, mobile, devices, etc…). We build, deliver, and manage endpoint systems for the enterprise.

This includes the following:

  • Desktop Operating System Deployment
  • Security Updates & Patch Management
    • Patch for Endpoint Manager can swiftly detect vulnerabilities in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and hundreds of third-party apps (Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers, and more) and deploy expertly pre-tested patches everywhere you need them.
  • Endpoint Security (micro-virtualization)
    • Relying on multiple, point-based endpoint security technologies? Then you already know how this impacts IT time and budget, while opening the door to security gaps between solutions. Ivanti Endpoint Security reduces the known exploitable surface area on your endpoints, detects exploits targeting your environment, and responds to threats before they can wreak havoc on your organization. And all of this takes place in one platform. Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager is powerful endpoint security management—media protection, remote endpoint control, security diagnostics, flexible dashboards and reporting, and more—with app control and automated patch management. Detect and prevent threats before they impact you, and respond swiftly to infections. Give your team the tools they need to be effective while saving time.
  • Third Party Peripherals
  • Endpoint Inventory
  • Driver Management
  • Application Deployment & Management
  • Printing

Our Services

There is a common challenge imposed on IT departments today: Too much to do and not enough resources to handle the load. We have the answer. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive solution serviced by our team of qualified technical experts from System Architects, Senior Consultants and Consultant Analysts to meet your project goals, to fill a resource staffing need or even if a fully managed services solution is required to fulfill specific IT functions.

Managed Services

Fully customized and serviced by our staff of experts on an ongoing basis

Consulting Services

Proven methodology of practice to complete project deliverables on time and on budget

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