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Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) Application Control Training

CDA is offering a one (1) day training designed to teach you essential knowledge around the setup Ivanti Application Control (formerly AppSense Application Manager) in your environment.

This course is extremely lab driven to ensure you obtain and retain the necessary experience to reproduce similar results in your own production environment.

Date: December 13th, 2018

Cost: $599

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Course Description

The content will also provide background information about best practices for deploying AC functionality in a production environment. In this training you will learn the following concepts:

  • What is Application Whitelisting and why is Application Control different?
  • Application Control Components including Application Access Control (AAC), User Privilege Management (UPM), and Application Network Access Control (ANAC)
  • How to setup your lab and test environment from a “hands-on” perspective
  • The methodology for using passive logging to create AC policies in production.

In the lab exercises, you will do be given various real-world scenarios and then will create AC policies to achieve the goals provided in the instructions. Some examples of these scenarios are:

  • Demonstrate building a “base” configuration for AC to collect information about current state of application ownership
  • Restrict a “good” application for the majority of users and then allow it for a specific group of users or computers
  • Demonstrate “Trusted Ownership” and how unauthorized applications get blocked by default
  • Create UPM policy to elevate Windows Control Panel item and/or application that requires elevated rights
  • Create ANAC policy to stop access to an internal network resource based on very specific criteria
  • Experiment with a Digital Signature policy to stop a virus from spreading within the network

You will also learn to use the various tools within AC to troubleshoot problems and/or improve your deployment.

Some tools covered are:

  • Endpoint Analysis
  • Rules Analyzer
  • Privilege Discovery Mode
  • AMAudit

Our Instructor

Ed Webster was the Lead Technical Trainer for AppSense (now Ivanti) in the Americas. Prior to that, he had the role of Senior Solutions Architect at AppSense where he designed and implemented the AppSense product suite for mid to large enterprise customers.

Ed has over 20 years of experience in the IT field and has focused heavily on virtualization technologies from Citrix, Microsoft, Ivanti, and VMware during his career.

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