Virtual Instructor Led Training

Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) Environment Manager Training

CDA is offering a two (2) day training designed to teach you the essential knowledge about the setup of Ivanti User Workspace Manager (“UWM”): Environment Manager (“EM”) (formerly AppSense Environment Manager) into your environment.

This course is primarily lab driven to ensure you obtain the necessary hands-on experience to reproduce similar results in your productions environment.

The content will also provide background information about best practices for deploying Ivanti UWM: Environment Manager functionality in a production environment.

2-Day Training
Wednesday, September 25th &
Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Cost: $1,199

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Course Description

In this training you will learn the following concepts:

  • The features and functionality associated with EM
  • EM Policy and Personalization
  • Hands-On Lab Exercises for installation, configuration, deployment and troubleshooting
  • The inner workings of EM Policy and Personalization, this will help to develop your ability to troubleshoot issues using the available tools.

In the lab exercises, you will be given various real-world scenarios and then will create EM policies to achieve the goal provided in the instructions. Some examples of these scenarios are:

  • Demonstrate the creation of a drive mapping policy based on conditions
  • Migrating GPOs from Active Directory into EM
  • Removing unwanted application functionality with “Lockdown Actions”
  • Configuring Personalization for applications
  • Verifying Personalization with “PersInfo”

You will also learn to use the other troubleshooting tools within EM to improve your deployment. Some tools include:

  • EmMon
  • Client Logging Setup
  • Personalization Analysis
  • Data Collection


Day 1 Agenda

Module 0: Introduction to Ivanti UWM Environment Manager

  • How EM fits into the Ivanti UWM Product Suite
  • Benefits of EM over GPOs
  • Overview of how EM works
  • Overview of EM Policy
  • Overview of EM Personalization

Module 1: Installing and Deploying the Components
Quick overview of the Infrastructure requirements and components

  • Lab 1: Installing the Management Center
  • Lab 2: Deploying the Deployment Agent and EM Agent to endpoints
  • Lab 3: Configuration of the Management Center and Auditing

Module 2: Developing and Deploying EM Policy
Quick overview of Execution order of Nodes, Conditions, and Actions

  • Lab 4: Building a simple EM Configuration
  • Lab 5: Adding conditions to Actions
  • Lab 6: Replacing GPOs
  • Lab 7: Creating Lockdown Actions
  • Lab 8: Policy over Personalization
  • Lab 9: Creating Policies based on requirements

Day 2 Agenda

Module 3: EM Personalization
Quick overview of Application Personalization Groups and Windows Setting Groups

  • Lab 10: Configuring Personalization
  • Lab 11: Data Collection
  • Lab 12: Personalization Analysis
  • Lab 13: EM Debugging/Pers Info
  • Lab 14: Personalization Operations Console

Module 4: Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Policy

  • Quick overview of troubleshooting tool set
  • Lab 15: Installing EMTools
  • Lab 16: Configuring and Starting EM Client Logging Setup
  • Lab 17: Working with EM Mon
  • Lab 18: Revising Policy/Testing

Module 6: Best Practices
Overview of Best Practices

  • Best Practices for Management Center
  • Best Practices for EM Policy
  • Best Practices for EM Personalization

Our Instructor

Interested in learning more about Appsense/User Workspace Manager from a team that has successfully deployed over 100,000 seats? Learn from experts that work with Fortune 1000 companies across the globe.

Christian Myers, Consultant for Critical Design Associates, has been working with Ivanti Workspace Manager projects within enterprise level environments for the last 18 months and shares his experience working directly with Environment Manager (EM) as part of his production suite.

Christian is a member of Critical Design Associates Professional Services team and serves on multiple enterprise security and infrastructure consulting engagements for the company. Christian has focused heavily on virtualization technologies from Citrix, Microsoft, Ivanti, and VMware during his career.

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